"It takes hands to build a house but only heart can build a home"

As this quote indicates - building a house is achievable, anyone can do it if they have money. But for building a home we need desire and fantasy. 

Before starting construction everyone should be too conscious in choosing raw material quality. Not only in choosing raw material but also choosing architect, contractor, and land.  

Before choosing an architect it is better to check out 2 or 3 project work executed by them. This helps to understand their thinking style. And ask contractor for quote to check whether it meets with your budget to avoid problems in future. Collect quotes from two or three contractor and choose contractor based on cost, time to be taken, quality of work and the skills of the contractor.

Be clear about the plan like Aesthetic visions, Architectural Style, Living style, number of floors. Deviating from the plan during construction process may also incur more budget. So before construction itself ask your architect to provide a clear plan and drawing of the plan. Proper planning before construction helps to save money.

Preliminary works to be done before starting construction are get water connection, Electricity connection, sign a contract with the contractor. In contract specify the payment schedule, quality of raw material. 

Important things to make note of before starting the construction are:

1. Employ a responsible person for supervision work

2. Check the quality of material

3. Do not use unwashed coarse sand and bazri or bricks of inferior quality.

4. Make sure contractor using good quality material.  

5. Apply the priming coat on the door or window frames before fixing them to avoid decay or rusting.

6. Do not use salty or muddy water for construction

Prevention is better than cure. So before starting construction itself have a clear vision which help to avoid lots of mistakes during construction process. And it helps to save time and money also.

Builders Guru saves your time by ordering the raw material through online at any time. There is no particular time limit for ordering raw material. And quality check is done before delivering the raw material. This is very important for constructing strong house. 

Building a house is dream. But choosing quality raw material is more important for making dream to be strong.