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Privacy Policy

Website is owned by Prajot E-services Private Limited (the Company). The Company values its user’s (As defined in the “User Agreement” and any other person who visits the website at any time) and considers the protection of their personal information to be its moral obligation. This Privacy Policy discloses the practices followed by the Company for the protection of the information provided by its user’s and use of such information and sharing it with third parties.

“Personal Information” refers to and includes any and all the information that identifies or can be used to identify, contact, locate the person, to whom such information pertains including, but not limited to, name, address, age, telephone number, fax number, email address, bank account number, debit and credit card details and other such related information.
By accessing/ using this Website the User agrees and accepts the terms of this Privacy Policy and other terms and conditions for use of this website. By accessing or using this website the user hereby grants his consent for collection and use of all or any information belonging to the user as provided by him to the Company.

Salient Features:

i.Personal Information:

Personal Information of each user as defined above may be collected and stored automatically by this website.

ii.Use of Information Collected:

The Company does not allow access or disclose personal information of any user to any unauthorized persons or organizations which are not required to have access to such information.


The Company does not use or provide any personal information of any user collected/ complied through cookies to any third party except for the purpose provided under this policy.


(a) Any reference to Recitals, Clauses and Annexures are to the recitals, clauses and annexures of and to this Agreement.
(b) Words importing the singular include plural, words importing any gender include every gender.
(c) Headings used in this Agreement are for convenience or reference only and shall not govern or affect in any manner, the construction or interpretation of this Agreement including any Recital, Clause or Annexures hereof.

2.Personal Information That May Be Collected:

The Company shall collect and store the personal information of each user, as may be provided by him in any form on the website. Apart from the information provided by the User the website automatically collects details about the User’s computer’s personal information like its IP address.
However, the user may note that personal details of the user cannot be accessed by anyone on the basis of his IP address. The Company further undertakes that knowingly it does not collect any personal information belonging to any individual or a group by seeking such personal information from children in any manner.


The Company owns all the personal information collected from its user’s through this Website such personal information may be used by the Company for the following purposes:

To contact the user to provide information for the orders placed by him; To provide information on any promotional offers of the website;
To provide website related news and services available on the website;
To seek suggestions for improvement of Website;
To do any survey or analysis with regard to the number, types, geographical locations of User’s;
The User agrees and acknowledges that in order to ensure smooth delivery of orders placed by him, some of his personal information will be passed on to third parties such as logistics provider, credit card processing company, seller and other vendors.

However, the Company does not allow access or disclose such personal information to any unauthorized persons or organizations which are not required to have access to such information for the purpose of use of this website.

Not with standing anything contained herein obligations towards safeguard/use/disclosure of the personal Information of the other User shall not apply to the information, which

(a) Has become available to the public other than through the violation of this undertaking.
(b) Was already in third Party’s possession prior to entering into this Agreement as evidenced by written records.
(c) Has been received by the Company from a third party who is not bound by confidentiality obligations with respect to disclosure of such information.
(d) The Company is required to disclose such personal information to respond to summons, court orders or other legal process with or without notice to the User.


These are small pieces of information saved by the User’s browser on his computer automatically. Cookies are used to track the websites usually visited by the user and to assist the Company to provide you with uninterrupted service by understanding the products of User’s interest.
However, the Company does not use or provide any personal information of any user collected/ complied through cookies to any third party for any purpose except for preparation of any statistics, data compilation, surveys etc. in such case the Company undertakes that not to disclose any personal information of any User with the third party.
This Website may contain links which may lead you to other Websites. Please note that once the user leaves this Website the user will be subjected to the Privacy Policy of the other website and this Privacy Policy will no longer apply.
The Company may at any time in its sole discretion change, modify, add or delete all or any term of this privacy policy at any time without any intimation to the user.
By using this website, the User signifies his agreement to the terms of this privacy policy.
If the User has any questions about this Privacy Policy, the User may either visit our Website or write to us at

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